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Dale Raoul Cast as Andrea Grinnell in Under the Dome!

Written by Vaughan Grey   // April 2, 2013

dale raoul under the domeDale Raoul Cast as Andrea Grinnell in Under the Dome!


Under the Dome‘s Dale Raoul is a veteran American character actor whose talent ranges from film to television to even voice-over since 1986.


Since her first screen credit in 1986 in Murder, She Wrote, she has appeared in over fifty film and television productions, including appearing in a recurring role as Maxine Fortenberry, the mother of Jim Parrack’s Hoyt Fortenberry, on the HBO series, True Blood, as well as Ronnie, Pam’s replacement as secretary on NBC’s The Office. She made a guest appearance on NBCs Friends in Season 8 as a tenant of David Schwimmer’s Ross’s building. She is also known for having played the role of “Lady” June Randolph in the Season 3 episode of Designing Women entitled, “The Junies.”


Her numerous other television credits include Ave 43, Monday Mornings, Fumbling Thru the Pieces, Dumbass Filmmakers!,  Royal Pains, A Guesthouse Divided,  Undercover Bridesmaid, Hollywood Saturday Night, Grey’s Anatomy, The Middle, The Office, Mending Fences, Hot Properties, Phil of the Future,  Mister Sterling, Six Feet Under, Life’s Too Short, Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Drew Carey Show, NetForce, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Nash Bridges, Murder One, Party of Five,  NYPD Blue, Seinfeld, Valerie, Knots Landing, Ferris Bueller, ALF, Designing Women, Max Headroom, Who’s the Boss?, and L.A. Law.


If that is not enough, her feature film credits are just as numerous. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Seven Pounds The Mexican, Beautiful, Double Jeopardy, Love Stinks, Blast from the Past, Washington Square, Out to Sea, Phenomenon,  White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf, and My Father the Hero.  


Dale Raoul will soon be seen in the feature films Untold and The Pretty One. She is currently married to lighting designer, Ray Thompson.


Of all of the actors in Under the Dome, Dale Raoul might be the most qualified. She’s got Stephen King credentials, having acted with future Under the Dome star Dean Norris  in The Lawnmower Man, which was (very)  loosely adapted from his short story. If that is not enough, she also did ADR on The Simpsons Movie, whose story is almost identical to Under the Dome‘s. Well, the premise, anyway.


On Under the Dome, she will be packing serious heat as Andrea Grinnell, who in the Under the Dome novel was described as the Third Selectman town official. We are not sure how much her character will be changed for the TV show. According to Wikipedia, this character is one to watch out for in the novel,


Town’s third selectman and recovered Oxycontin addict near the end of the novel. Wife of Tommy Grinnell sister of Dougie Twitchell and Rose Twitchell. Finds the “Vader File” on Big Jim, and begins a proclamation against him during the town hall meeting, where she planned to assassinate Big Jim. After dropping her purse due to withdrawal, Aidan spots her pistol and innocently proclaims “that lady has a gun!”


  Watch Under the Dome ‘s Dale Raoul on True Blood!









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