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New, “Under the Dome” Trailer #2!

Written by Vaughan Grey   // April 7, 2013

dean norris under the dome

Under the Dome Trailer #2!


The new trailer for CBS‘ summer adaptation of Stephen King‘s Under the Dome has landed, very much Under the Dome as the title suggests (how existential).


This Under the Dome promo is a little more revealing than the last one that you all liked so much. We see more of the actual dome. I have been wondering what it was going to look like on TV. For TV special effects, it actually is not half bad. It still looks cheesy, but thankfully not SyFy Channel cheesy. We also see Natalie Martinez‘ character, Linda Everett, for the first time. It seems her boyfriend is on the other side of the dome, which is completely unlike Stephen King‘s Under the Dome book. Guess the producers are really milking the unrequited love potential that the Under the Dome novel version never really bothered with. Whatever works for broadcast TV, I suppose. I just hope Stephen King approves.


We also see more of Britt Robertson‘s character, Angie. The fact that they are changing the character so much from Stephen King‘s book is intriguing to me. They are doing everything from making her last name McAlister to her being Colin Ford‘s character, Joe’s, sister. I am not sure what the producers are going for here. It will be interesting to find out come June 24th when Under the Dome finally premieres on CBS.


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