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Jeff Fahey Cast as Sheriff Perkins on Under the Dome

Written by Vaughan Grey   // March 27, 2013

jeff fahey under the dome



Jeff Fahey Cast as Sheriff Perkins on Under the Dome


If there’s one actor on Under the Dome who really needs no introduction, it is Jeff Fahey.  He is an American actor of the highest caliber and cultural importance.  Though he is mostly known now for his performances on Lost and Planet Terror, his film credits alone are enough to dwarf almost any other television actor, including anyone on Under the Dome. But it is his own life that is his most impressive accomplishment.


Long before Under the Dome came along, Jeff Fahey was born in Olean, New York, the sixth of thirteen (yes, thirteen) siblings in an Irish American family. His mother, Jane, was a homemaker, and his father, Frank Fahey, worked at a clothing store. Jeff  was raised in Buffalo, New York, from the age of ten and attended Father Baker’s High School there. Jeff Fahey left home at the age of 17, subsequently hitchhiking to Alaska. He later backpacked through Europe, and worked on an Israeli kibbutz.


Jeff Fahey started performing when he won a full scholarship to dance at the Joffrey Ballet School at the age of 25. He performed in theaters across the United States and on Broadway. Hard to believe by even his most ardent fans,  but he even taught ballet for three years.  He landed his first major role in television playing Gary Corelli on the soap opera One Life to Live.


Though his film credits alone are too numerous to completely mention here, in 1985 he received his first major role in film, playing “Tyree” in Silverado. In 1986 he starred in Psycho III as Duane Duke, a money desperate guitarist. That same year, Jeff Fahey guest starred on the Season three premiere of Miami Vice as gun dealer “Eddie Kaye”, famously destroying Detective Sonny Crockett’s Ferrari Daytona. He also played  “Thorold Stone” in the film Revelation.


In 1990 he starred alongside Marisa Tomei in Parker Kane and Clint Eastwood in the Eastwood directed White Hunter, Black Heart. That year, he starred in the horror film Body Parts. In 1995 he starred as “Winston McBride” on ABC’s The Marshal.  In 2007 he starred in Messages with Bruce Payne.


Jeff Fahey appeared as daredevil “Dutch the Clutch” in an episode of Psych in the beginning of the third season of the show.


Jeff Fahey also played recurring character, Frank Lapidus, the airplane and helicopter pilot of the research team sent to the island in the fourth, fifth, and as a regular character for the sixth season of Lost. His character has been praised by critics and fans for his one liners and likability factor, but he remains one of the few members of the main cast not to have been given attention in terms of character development. In 2010 he had a major role in the Robert Rodriguez action film Machete.


In 2006 and 2007, Jeff Fahey spent time in Afghanistan assisting the newly-established American University of Afghanistan, and launching a project to assist orphans in Kabul.


Jeff Fahey‘s recent humanitarian work has revolved around the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, in which he has been focusing on the subject of warehousing, a practice in which the rights and mobility of refugees is restricted by a host country. Jeff Fahey‘s work specifically has addressed the subject of warehoused Sahrawi refugees in Algeria.


In Under the Dome, Jeff Fahey will play Sheriff Howard “Duke” Perkins. He is a beloved local Sheriff in Chester’s Mill, Maine. Though it is only a supporting role the will probably not last past the pilot (except for possibly flashback and/or ghost episodes), Jeff’s mere presence on any Stephen King-related project demands respect, as he was once the lead character in the King-disowned (very) loose adaptation of The Lawnmower Man with a pre-James Bond Pierce Brosnan.  Even his Under the Dome co-star, Dean Norris, had a part in it!  We think Stephen King will be more pleased with this adaptation, as he is an executive producer on Under the Dome. See Jeff Fahey in uniform with co-star Natalie Martinez below!


Jeff Fahey Under the Dome






jeff fahey, under the dome

Character: Sheriff Duke Perkins

Actor: Jeff Fahey

Sheriff Perkins is the face of Chester’s Mill – stoic, world-weary, unyielding – even if he had a hand in the town’s dirty laundry. His mentorship of Linda will be felt for years to come in Chester’s Mill, as she is forced to lift his mantle as the top cop under the dome.


Watch Under the Dome ‘s Jeff Fahey Discuss Femme Fatales at Comic Con 2011!









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