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Written by Vaughan Grey   // June 22, 2013

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As if there have not been enough promotional articles about the June 24th premiere of CBS’ summer Stephen King adaptation, Under the Dome, is throwing their hat in the ring with this rather skimpy guide to the differences between the Under the Dome novel and Under the Dome CBS series before the June 24th premiere of 1×01 “Pilot.” Personally, I think this article only scratches the surface of the differences between the Stephen King book and TV show. Yes, it is still a parable. Yes, Angie is dead in the book and a main character in the series. Yes, the names are different in each one. Yes, Stephen King has veto power over everything (for once). There is nothing particularly revealing about this article unless you have not been paying attention at all (which is actually a lot of people). I have been reading a lot of social networks and there are many readers who did not even know about the CBS series until this weekend…seriously. This is probably the article for those people. Unless you want to go in to the Under the Dome series completely fresh,  you can read the whole article here. also recently did an interview with Neil Baer, which you can read here. It’s actually pretty good.

Check out the Similarities Between Under the Dome Book and Movie, According to!


1. Same Characters

The important characters (like Big Jim, Barbie and Junior) will be featured in all their glory with all their secrets. Their characters will be tweaked a little for the sake of story, of course. For example, Barbie will be introduced in the show as a drifter working for a bookie collecting debts instead of working for Rose at the restaurant.

2. Outsiders vs. In

In the small town of Chester’s Mill you either conform or you want out. When the dome drops, there’s a divide. The folks who have been big fish in a small pond all their lives struggle to maintain control, which leads to trouble, as you can imagine. Then, there are characters who just want out. While desperation will make anyone a little crazy, these characters are more focused on finding out why the dome appeared and getting rid of it. Though, the big fish may know more than they’re letting on.

3. A Parable for the Times

King wrote the book as a parable for current times, and the show is sticking to the theme. Obviously, a giant dome trapping a small town is an exaggerated reality, but not as far from the truth as it seems. Our country is, after all, facing dwindling resources and changing times.

4. Character-Driven

Just like the book, the show will focus on the characters, and the secrets they have. Each episode will showcase different characters and their responses to being trapped under the dome.

5. Stephen King Is on Board

The author has been there through every step of the creative process. It has even been hinted that King might write an episode if the show comes back for a second season. We can only hope.




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