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Under the Dome 2nd Joe’s Blog is Up!

Written by Vaughan Grey   // July 1, 2013

colin ford, under the dome

Under the Dome 2nd Joe’s Blog is Up!


Now that the second installment of the Under the Dome promotional “Joe’s Blog,”  which accounts the strangely well-collected thoughts of Colin Ford‘s character, Joe McAlister’s, adventures in Chester’s Mill while under the dome, the question on my mind is…who exactly is writing these blog entries? It probably is not Colin Ford. I am wondering who the ghost writer could be? They write pretty decent teenage boy sounding prose without sounding particularly interesting, sentimental, or even emotional. Considering the circumstances in the story, one would think that the characters would be in a state of panic instead of lethargic, but that seems to be the case here. I guess since Joe McAlister is said to be very intelligent, they seem to confuse intelligence with sounding smug and arrogant. Then again, most of the dialogue on Under the Dome sounds forced and contrived, so I guess it fits right in with the style of the show and product. This is definitely corporate marketing at its most unsettling. To try to use the stereotypical voice of a teenage boy (probably written by someone older who ghost writes those tedious young adult novels) is not only manipulative, but also kind of creepy. That being said, you can read the whole blog entry here.


Read an Excerpt of Under the Dome‘s Colin Ford’s Character, Joe McAlister’s Blog!

Being a generally happy person and an aspiring Buddhist, I’ll start with the good news:

1) Apparently I no longer have to go to school.

2) My parents have taken a long vacation and left me alone in my house.

3) I have no curfew, no bed time, no wake time. I do not need to clean my room. Or take out the trash. Or bathe, if I so choose. I can eat potato chips for breakfast. And I have.

4) My sister Angie, who once wrote a love letter to the prom queen, signed my name to it and included a pair of my underwear (before going on to successful career in babysitting, somehow) is also gone.

Party! Right?

Not so much.



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