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WRAL Interview with Under the Dome’s Mike Vogel

Written by Vaughan Grey   // June 12, 2013

mike vogel, under the dome

WRAL Interview with Under the Dome’s Mike Vogel


CBS’ summer Stephen King adaptation, Under the Dome‘s, promotional methods are reaching record heights as the June 24th premiere date gets closer and closer. Since the series is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, it is only natural that local North Carolina station WRAL should get exclusive interviews with the entire main Under the Dome cast. Next up is Mike Vogel, who plays Barbie. Mike Vogel just got finished with a relatively short run on the surprise spring hit on A&E, Bates Motel, which is a sort-of prequel to Robert Blotch’s Psycho. I personally thought he was a good fit for his depraved but handsome character on that show. One can only hope that Barbie works as well for him on Under the Dome, except for the early exit, that is. The military veteran Barbie was described as being a much older character in the Under the Dome novel, like Julia Shumway. However, this is broadcast television and younger is always better on these types of networks. We are all waiting for Julia and Barbie to fall in love, of course. Naturally, Stephen King signed off on the casting and changes in the version of Under the Dome, so who can complain? WRAL reporter Renee Chou interviews Mike Vogel.


Watch the WRAL Interview with Under the Dome Star Mike Vogel!






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